The pieces featuring animals are from the 2018 series "Here and Other Places". This body of work contains environmental imagery sourced through the Internet. Animals, water, land, and pollution create the main compositions of the paintings, while childlike doodles, scribbled on top, attempt to give a sense of alleviation or comfort to the pieces. The children have drawn nature. While we as humans in the year 2018 are increasingly distracted by one another through war, smartphones, sports, and fast cars, it’s important to remember first and foremost, on an individual level, what is always outside of our homes, outside of our screens, bodies and brains.  Landscape. Planet Earth. 

The purley black and white paintings are part of the "Ectoplasm" series. These works attempt to explore elements of representation, disappearance/reappearance, blurring, and materiality. Parts of the image remain static while others parts produce movement and vibration. The images play with ideas of ghost stories, the flashlights under our faces as we tell them, and things we might see or hear in the dark.

The vibrant and saturated color paintings are part of the "Kitsch Ghost" series. These works attempt to question the idea of "ghost". Why is our society largely interested in the supernatural? What is a ghost? Is a ghost a person no longer living? If a ghost isn't the deceased, then what is it? Why do we make them cute, kitschy, and friendly when in reality many experiences are extremely haunting? 

Through images juxtaposed, as well as, the materiality of the paint, these are the types of questions which the work attempts to provoke.